CVS Training

WHCVS are offering low cost training for voluntary and community groups.  These courses are open to  paid staff, volunteers as well as management committee members.

For further information on each course, please click on the links below:

How IT Can Save You Time and Money 27092018

This course has been designed for all users of computers, both novice and expert, to give an overview of the exciting new world of ‘Cloud Computing’ and how it can save time and money.

It will provide attendees with the opportunity to raise questions, and offers signposting to many free sources of software for further learning. This course may help you to identify your organisation’s needs for more detailed training in particular areas.

Creating a Fundable Project 281118

This is the second course in HCF’s Building Sustainability Foundation Series.

Those attending should have completed the “Get Fit for Funding” course (or equivalent), or can demonstrate that their organisation meets the basic entry criteria* for local grant funders.

Flyer WH BS Focus on Trust and Foundations 140319

With an estimated 9,000 independent trusts and foundations giving away billions of pounds each year, grants are a vital source of funding for many charitable organisations. This course is designed for those new to grant fundraising and those with some experience who want to develop, refresh or improve their skills in this area.
Those booking a place should have completed HCF’s Get Fit for Funding and Creating Fundable Projects courses (or equivalent) or be able to demonstrate their experience in fundraising

GDPR – Have You Got It Sorted 07112018

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force, as is the new Data Protection Act 2018 which enshrines the GDPR into UK law. The law applies to all types and sizes of organisations, including charities and community groups – any business that routinely handles personal data.

This course is for voluntary and community organisations who have maybe made a start on their compliance but have stalled, or for anyone needing a refresher on the key points of the law and the priority actions they need to take in their organisation. And if GDPR has passed you by so far – it’s a chance to catch up.
It is aimed at trustees, managers and key personnel with responsibility for personal data management. It may also help reinforce some GDPR compliance activities your organisation has already completed.

Marketing Your Organisation via Facebook and Twitter 06022019

This course is for staff and volunteers with a basic working knowledge of Facebook and Twitter, who would like to learn more about how to use it effectively to promote their organisation. You will need to have active Facebook and Twitter accounts set up for your organisation.

It will be primarily focused on improving your knowledge of what kind of content you should be publishing on social media, and how to measure its impact so that future content can be tailored and improved upon.