Hertfordshire Compact

Over the past 17 months a steering group of statutory and voluntary sector representatives have been working together to refresh the Hertfordshire Compact. Following a successful and fruitful consultation and official adoption by Hertfordshire County Council we are celebrating the launch of this important document at an afternoon tea event on 20 July. Invited organisations will have the opportunity to publicly ‘sign up’ to the Compact, hear about Compact ways of working and enjoy networking opportunities.

• The Hertfordshire Compact is a written understanding between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors about how we will co-operate and continue to develop positive working relationships for the benefit of Hertfordshire’s communities.
• The purpose of the Compact is to build on existing partnerships, develop a range of shared principles and undertakings and develop the relationship between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors through mutual respect and trust.
• Values, undertakings and standards are set out in order to strengthen relationships and clarify expectations between partners or stakeholders. This helps organisations to play to their strengths, optimise resources, standardise practice,improve accountability and provide better working experiences.
You can view the document on the website http://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/your-council/hcc/partnerwork/hertscompact/

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