Let’s Chat

Let’s Chat Telephone support is a service, which provides regular calls and a friendly chat to people who are isolated.

Who will be offered this service?

 People who are isolated as a result of:

  • Age
  • Being housebound
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness/disability
  • Geography – living away from family

How can Let’s Chat help it’s clients?

The callers can be helped by:

Providing regular friendly chats

Helping the client to feel connected

Listening in a non judgmental way

Sharing news with someone who cares

Helping the client feel less isolated and alone

Giving encouragement

Passing on information on social groups, agencies that may be able to assist them e.g. social services, Age UK, HAD etc.

Discussing resources

Referring clients on to other agencies (with the clients permission)

Giving the caller something to look forward to in the forthcoming week.