Welwyn Hatfield Volunteer Centre Volunteer Speed Matching 2018

at Hatfield Connect, First Floor, The Triangle, Beaconsfield Close, Hatfield AL10 8YE (above Pump Gym)

Have you been to one of our speed matching event? Looking for the perfect match for your organisations? This special event, hosted by the Welwyn Hatfield Volunteer Centre, aims to find the perfect match for local people with time to give to local organisations who need their help.

Come along and sell your organisation to potential volunteers who are looking to give their time to organisations like yours in the Welwyn Hatfield area.

To help manage the event, please let us know of your interest by completing the booking form and return to us by 25 May 2018 then join in the fun of the Volunteer Speed Matching

This event is open to members only, tables are £10 per organisation on a first come first served basis.


Story Telling

Welwyn Hatfield Inter Faith Group (WHIFG)
warmly invite you

to an afternoon of storytelling from different faiths. This event will appeal to all ages (from 4-94!) and to all faiths and those who just enjoy good stories…

Sunday 17th June 2018
3pm – 6pm

The Focolare Centre for Unity, 69 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6JG
Parking is available in the car park at the rear of the Centre via The Cloisters and in nearby streets.
Refreshments on arrival at 3pm
Tickets: available (discounted) in advance from Valerie Skottowe
01707 324828 and from members of WHIFG
Adults: £5.00, Children (3-16): £2.00
Also for sale on the door: Adults: £6.00/Children £3.00

GDPR Compliance Opt In Notification 

As part of the new data legislation coming into force on 25 May, Welwyn Hatfield CVS needs to obtain your express permission to continue to communicate with you.

By Opting In you will be giving your written consent to Welwyn Hatfield CVS to process and store your data.  We will not share your data with any third party organisations and we will only communicate with you in respect of relevant business information and information in relation to events and services that may be relevant to your organisation.

Please click Opt In here and complete the short form to enable us to retain your organisation on our communication list.

Completing and sending this form gives us permission to use the data you provide for the purposes of responding to your enquiries, sending you news, information and communicating with you as and when necessary. We will not share your personal data with any third parties. Further details of how your data will be used and your rights are contained in our  Welwyn Hatfield CVS GDPR Privacy Policy


Volunteering Herts CIC Annual Conference and Awards

Now in its 10th Year, this award is very special as nominations can only be made by volunteers. The idea is to champion organisations who demonstrate quality in their volunteer management. To be eligible, organisations must demonstrate a basic level of good practice as demonstrated by achieving the Hertfordshire Valuing Volunteer Management 6 Point Promise – just contact us for more details about how you can sign up to this.

This year’s winner will receive a new trophy, complete with our new branding, to keep for a year to show how much they value their volunteers and how this appreciated by their team.

All nominees for the award will be invited to join us at the Hertfordshire Volunteer Centres Annual Volunteering Conference hosted by Beales Hotel, Comet Way, Hatfield AL10 9NG on 4th June 2018 as part of our Volunteers Week celebrations where the trophy will be presented by a distinguished guest.

Nominations form can be down loaded from VH VMA nomination form 2018


The Valuing Volunteer Management 6 Point Promise is an initiative which aims to raise awareness of the need for good practice in volunteer management.  It is a Hertfordshire wide scheme.  Volunteer involving organisations are encouraged to self assess their current policies, practices and procedures with an easy to use online checklist.

The checklist consists of a series of simple statements about basic volunteer management.  Organisations can decide whether they fully meet the criteria, meet them partly, or not meet them at all.  Where gaps are identified, Hertsmere Volunteer Centre is able to help with 1:1 guidance, template documents and training sessions.

Once all the criteria of the 6 Point Promise have been met, the organisation will be issued with a certificate and listed on the Volunteering Herts website.

he benefits of signing up to the the 6 Point Promise will be:

  • to be recognised by potential funders as taking volunteer management seriously.
  • to be eligible for nomination for the countywide Valuing Volunteer Management Award.
  • to be recognised by volunteers as a good organisation with which to work.
  • to be more likely to recruit and retain volunteers.
  • to have a higher profile – named on Volunteer Centres Herts website.
  • to have access to further support from your local Volunteer Centre.

Valuing Volunteer Management – 6 Point Promise.  These are the 6 areas of volunteer management that will be covered in the checklist:

  • Planning for Volunteer involvement – a Volunteer Policy covers all aspects of the relationship with volunteers.  Role descriptions are produced and volunteering is open to everyone
  • Recruitment process – potential volunteers are contacted quickly and recruitment processes are fair, efficient and consistent.
  • Induction – new volunteers receive thorough preparation for their tasks and have a named person for ongoing support.
  • Support and safety – volunteers are covered by insurance and are included in health and safety policies.  Out of pocket expenses are met wherever possible.
  • Training and personal development – volunteers motivations are met with appropriate tasks and those with extra support needs are enabled to volunteer wherever possible.
  • Involving, rewarding and recognising volunteers – volunteers contribute to decision making and are fully involved in the organisations activities.  Volunteers receive appropriate recognition for their efforts and we say…..THANK YOU!

We can help provide support for volunteer involving organisations based in Broxbourne and East Hertfordshire to recruit, manage and retain volunteers.

We help organisations develop volunteering opportunities and offer practical advice on all aspects of working with volunteers.

We provide support & advice for:

  • Volunteer involving organisations
  • Small voluntary groups
  • Charities
  • Not-for Profit and Statutory Agencies


Whether an organisation needs a data protection officer (DPO) or not is one of the big questions in the run up to GDPR being enforced on the 25 May 2018, and your organisation may be required to have one. The DPO’s main responsibility is to inform and monitor GDPR compliance within an organisation, and to remind data processors and controllers of their data protection responsibilities.

The DPO is the first point of contact for any data protection queries and must have a direct feed into top-level management. They’re not responsible for the organisation’s GDPR Compliance but act as an intermediary between the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the organisation.

The DPO must be independent, cannot have a dual role and must not be appointed if there’s a conflict of interest between their role and the organisation’s. A lower-level employee would be able to take on the role. However, it is unlikely that they would have suitable qualifications. As the internal authority on data guidance, the DPO must be an expert on all things GDPR.

Who is required to have one?

A DPO is not always essential. However, the Article 29 Working Party, an advisory body of the EU which contributed to the GDPR, stipulates that organisations should assume that one is necessary unless they can demonstrate otherwise.

The criteria for a DPO is as follows:

  1. When an organisation is processing large amounts of personal data or special categories of data (eg political opinions, religious belief).
  2. When data processing is carried out by a public authority.
  3. When the uses of data involve large-scale monitoring of data subjects (people who data is held about).

A DPO is not required if:

  • personal information is not processed at all
  • personal data is only processed on a small scale
  • the main activities of the organisation rarely involve monitoring data subjects.

Even if a DPO is not necessary, Article 29 states that organisations should keep records of their processes and data breaches.

Organisations that process large amounts of data such as search engines, hospitals and governments will need a DPO. They will also be essential if the collection, monitoring and handling of data is vital to your organisation’s activities.

Decide to what extent you need to process data to function properly as an organisation. If it is essential, you will need a DPO.

Who should be advised to have one?

If your organisation handles large quantities of data, then it would be wise to consider appointing a DPO. If you have looked at your organisation and decided you do not need one, it is advised in Article 29 that you conduct an internal analysis before deciding. This will depend on the size and scale of the data processing.

Smaller charities may only need a DPO for a limited time and hiring somebody specifically for the role may be excessive. In this situation, it would be appropriate to outsource the DPO function to a third party or bring someone in on a contract basis. This Data protection officer would still be part of and represent your organisation and would be there for any data protection related queries you may have.

Even if you have not identified a need for a DPO, you can appoint one on a voluntary basis, which is encouraged by Article 29. This shows the ICO and your members a commitment to GDPR compliance and an upholding of individuals’ rights and freedoms.

Source NCVO

Easter Holiday – Fit, Fed and Read Projects

Fit and Fed Flyer – Welwyn GCFit and Fed Flyer – Hatfield

Free activity programme running in the Easter holidays targeting local young people from families that can struggle as a result of the holidays.  The programmes have been developed as part of a StreetGames UK initiative to support young people at risk of the tripling inequalities of holiday hunger, isolation and inactivity.

This Easter the programme will be based in Welwyn Garden City Fire Station and Hatfield Fire Station. Young people from Welwyn and Hatfield who are entitled to free school meals and are in school years 3-6 can access organised sport/ physical activity, enjoy a nutritious cooked meal and receive support for their literacy skills, all free of charge.

Having said this at the moment we are struggling for numbers a little so we can be a little flexible with ages and free school meal entitlements but would still like to focus the project at those that are likely to get the greatest benefit from it.

The dates are:
Welwyn Garden City – 3-6 April
Hatfield 9-13th April

Whilst we are recruiting for both, at the moment our focus is trying to get places on the first project (Welwyn Garden City) as its due to start next Tuesday and we currently have no places taken (although we have some other organisations working on it too).

Do you know any young people that would be suitable and interested in taking part then please do let me know.

We truly believe that this has potential to be a fantastic project and make a big difference, we just want to make sure that there are people there and that we are reaching out to the people that really need it.

For further information please contact, Will Slemmings, Sports Project Officer, w.slemmings@herts.ac.uk

Herts Sports Partnership, Sport Performance & Development Centre,

University of Hertfordshire, de Havilland Campus, Hatfield, AL10 9EU

Public urged to tick the gift aid box

The government is reminding the public to tick the gift aid boxes on donations so that charities don’t miss out on £600m extra funding.
The call comes after research, published by HMRC, shows that a third of eligible donations made to many of the UK’s 200,000 charities did not add Gift Aid when they could have done. This means that charities are losing out on extra funding worth nearly £600 million a year.
Gift Aid allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated. To add Gift Aid, donors must have paid income or capital gains tax that year worth at least the value of the Gift Aid being added and they must give the charity permission to claim it.

Click here for more details

Youth Gang Activity and Knife Crime Seminar and Problem Solving Conference

DATE:                    Monday 23rd April 2018, 8.30am – 4pm

VENUE:                Herts Development Centre, Robertson House, Stevenage,

(details of booking are on the invite and please note RSVP is by 6 April)

Youth Gang and Knife Crime Seminar INVITE

help save Hatfield Night Shelter

With snow still on the ground, Welwyn Hatfield’s only homeless shelter is closing . Please help by signing the petition calling on the Council to make it year-round and fit for basic human needs. We need 1500 signatures to get them to consider it. Please share the link with church and community groups. For further details please click here

You will be directed to Welwyn Hatfield Council’s website where you will need to register in order to sign the petition.