The gardening scheme was set up as a result from the amount of enquires we received from residents who are elderly or with mobility issue needing a hand to maintain their gardens. We have a team of volunteers who work together to fulfil the clients request and they often exceed their expectations. That is why in 2021, we renamed the project; adding an extension to the name to reflect their commitment, dedication and the friendships they have forged; we think they are blooming marvellous.

Get involve and become a volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to join our existing team of lovely gardeners who are looking forward to working with you. Full support and advice will be given and there are lots of way you can help:

  • You might have knowledge of plants and shrubs, how to care for them and the best time to plant.
  • You may be skilled with building planters, bird boxes or in mending a fences.
  • You generally have a passion for gardening and want to help a member of the community organise theirs.
  • You simply want to meet new people and learn about gardening

What we ask of you

  • Treat volunteers, clients, their gardens and property with respect, consideration, appreciation and care.
  • Ask for guidance if you feel you are unsure of any tasks given.
  • Be reliable; communicate with the team and staff. Let us know any changes which may affect your ability to volunteer.
  • Request further development if you feel you need it.

What you can expect from us

Our volunteers have enjoyed working with us and two longstanding gardeners have recently retired. They have found the gardening scheme rewarding, sociable we would like you to have the same experience and enjoy what you do. We will:

  • Treat you like one of the team with respect, consideration and appreciation. We are grateful for every single of one our volunteer on every project and know how hard they work.
  • Ensure you have clear directions on the task and information the client has give.
  • Provide training for your role where appropriate
  • Provide feedback from clients on the work you have done.
  • Promote your work with consent, on our social media platforms and website, to highlight how you are helping the community. We ask for photo showing before and after or something you have done that you are proud of.  
  • Demonstrate our values in all interactions with you through all forms of communication
  • Provide you with a key point of contact for any concerns or queries

Interested? please fill in our volunteers registration form and return to E:

Support us

Some or our clients are venerable and we try to brighten their day a little planting of flowers, seeds and bulbs to bloom throughout the year. We welcome donations to help purchase these items so they too can have Blooming Marvellous garden.