A New Volunteering Journey Begins for Mustafa

It’s an exciting time in our office as we welcome Mustafa into our team as a new volunteer Administrator.  Mustafa went through the process of registering online, selecting his attributes, discussing his interests with our Manager Nicola and was quickly place once his DBS check had been received.

He wanted to donate his time and energy to our one of our projects which we greatly appreciated, and we are excited to have him on board.

“My name is Mustafa, I’m from Nigeria and now residing in Hatfield. I’m an ex-banker with over a decade of banking experience in customer service, account management, relationship manager, and business development manager, with specialisation in personal, retail, corporate, and commercial banking.

My hubbies are; Lawn tennis, long-distance races, networking, traveling, and mentoring.

I love volunteering because I consider it essential for building a better society. Whether cleaning up the streets, supporting the elderly or less privileged, or contributing to any community project, it gives me inner peace and satisfaction to contribute my quota.

Mustafa – Volunteer Administrator 

Every team member, brings unique skills and perspectives that are essential to our success. We are look forward to seeing how Mustafa progresses within our organisation, he has already hit the ground running and gelled well with the team. He has some impressive history within the banking industry so we are sure his skillset will be share within the office. We are looking to learn and grow with him.

Take a look at our volunteering opportunities and see is there is a position that resonates with you.

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