A New Year and a new start

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoyed your break, and for those of you who worked in important supporting services over the festive holiday, a big thank you to you.

A new year always calls for a fresh start on a task or area that you feel needs improving. You may be thinking of having a major tidy up at home and implementing some DIY. Changing career or working less and having more free time. It’s the time to set new goals and plan on how you are going to achieve them. Some will also be focusing on a healthier lifestyle; I know I’m thinking of at least two of those things.

It’s also the start of a new calendar month and campaigns. Here are a few that are happening this month with local services and groups you can engage with.


You may be feeling a little bloated from all of the meat intake over the festive period and would like to find an alternative and nutritional choice of food. Can you change yourself to Veganuary? that’s 31 days of plant based food.

If you are new to Veganuary, their mission is to inspire and support people to try a vegan diet, champion compassionate food choices, improving health and climate change.

Sign up to Veganuary to receive a celebrity e-cookbook with inspiring recipes, nutrition tips and more. All of their resources are 100% free!

You can also track your food intake, exercise and the way you feel with MyFitnessPal; again this is free to use online but also as an app on your phone in IOS and Android. If you don’t fancy doing it on your own, you can also tag a friend along too and track each others progress; this is a great way to motivate each other. 

Dry January 

Be more conscious about the amount of alcohol you are drinking. If you have over indulged over the festive season, try detoxing for Dry January

Consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can lead to alcohol harm which can have an adverse effect on your body, mentally and  physically with damage to vital organs. One of the most common organs effected is the liver with liver disease.

Remember, what affects you can also affect those around you. 

Take the challenge and join many around the UK who will be opting in for a Dry January

If you are concerned about your alcohol consumption or about another person, get in touch with your local services for advice and support.

Spectrum Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services Normal opening hours resume 4th January 2022

T:  0800 652 3169


T: 01707 690739 | E: midherts@resolve-online.org

Walk Your Dog Month

This is a fantastic way to walk off that Christmas food fest you had and your furry pals benefit too. Dogs enjoy regular walks all year round to help keep their weight balanced and mind happy, but there are many ways you can do more.

For National Walk Your Dog Month you can make it extra special by visiting new routes, invite another furry pal along, walk an extra mile or add a fun obstacle course which the kids can get involved in too. You never know, those paws may be good enough to grace the course at Cruffs one year. 

Check out Walkiees who have a great list of local areas and other areas in Hertfordshire for dog friendly on and off lead walks.

And if you have a new doggy addition in your family, visit these local social media groups for helpful advice.

House Plant Week UK

Sometimes it’s not always a new lick of paint which is needed to add life to a room, house plants can provide beautiful shapes and textures that only nature can produce.

Adding flowers and foliage can be so comforting and make a plain room start to feel more homely.

Create your own little Kew Gardens by adopting plants or asking for cuttings from friends. Caring for and nurturing plants can be a stress buster and lift your mood; they can also help to improve the quality of air around your home by absorbing toxins.

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), which tested the abilities of three common houseplants to remove formaldehyde from the air, found in preliminary tests that spider plants were the champs, removing 95 percent of the toxic substance from a sealed Plexiglas chamber in 24 hours.

The National Wildlife Federation

Just as well because spider plants are one of the most easiest to take a cutting from and regrow.

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