Access to emergency food parcels

Herts Independent Living Service (HILS) provides a range of food options to the residents of Hertfordshire, including commissioned services relating to hospital discharge and the Herts Crisis Intervention Service (HCIS). HILS operates a 365 day service, delivering meals between 11.30am and 2pm.

Food parcels (& hot meal provision) are available via HertsHelp HCIS (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, excluding bank holidays) – self referral or professional referral based on circumstances and triaged by HertsHelp. Please telephone 0300 123 4044 or email to make a referral.

Criteria: vulnerability due to old age, physical or mental health conditions, family hardship with children at risk.

Home from Hospital

Health or social care professionals can refer direct to HILS via their website. The Hospital and Community Navigation Service also hold packs on site at the acute hospitals.

Criteria: The person has no other means of obtaining essential food items within the first 24-36 hours of being discharged

Out of Hours Availability

In line with Hertfordshire’s winter resilience plan, access to HCIS food provision has been extended out of hours for the winter period.  Where there is an urgent need for a food parcel or hot meals for someone in the community outside of HertsHelp’s opening hours, a health or social care professional can access the Herts Crisis Intervention Service by referring direct to HILS using the attached referral form. Professionals should quote CODE HCIS on referral.

For all other needs the Herts Crisis Intervention Service should be accessed via HertsHelp.

If someone is being discharged from hospital out of hours and has an urgent need for food, the HILS Home from Hospital Service should be accessed via this form or by calling 0330 2000 103.

Get information and advice on how to stay warm and healthy during the winter months.

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