ARISE Hatfield – Funding for Local Community Initiatives

ARISE Hatfield provides an annual fund of money to support local initiatives and socially based activities that enhance the lives of those residing in Hatfield. Over the years, ARISE Hatfield has extending its support to schools, sports and fitness clubs, community groups, music and dance organisations, and much more.

There are a number of success stories of enterprises, initiatives and groups that have received support from the ARISE Hatfield fund. With a contribution from the fund last year, the Welwyn Hatfield CVS were able to install a defibrillator outside Gracemead Church which adds life-saving equipment in close proximity to the town centre. Also, Potential Kids which resides at The Galleria in Hatfield and has been supported by the fund and local organisations, recently received the Queens Award for Volunteering.

ARISE want to help develop a more cohesive community, with accessible activities and hope to encourage other groups and projects in Hatfield to seek their support.

Behind Arise Hatfield

The ARISE Hatfield fund is an alliance of four business partners, who each donate £5,000 per year. The partners comprise of:

  • Indorama (The Galleria) – one of Asia’s leading chemical companies.
  • Ocado Group – a technology company transforming online grocery around the world through cutting-edge technology & automation, based in Hatfield.
  • Gascoyne Estates – estates owned by the Cecil family for over 400 years, including Hatfield House
  • OCS – one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies based in Hatfield.

Learn more about the individuals forming a team of trustees/ partners and ambassadors here.

How ARISE Hatfield works

To be considered by the independent selection committee, for support of up to £1,500, applicants are required to complete a simple application form and provide the names of two referees, who will be contacted for reference purposes.

In addition to the application form, applicants can further bolster their bid for funding by providing other materials like newsletters, testimonials and videos.

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