At last, you can send a text to end nuisance cold calls on your mobile

Exasperated mobile phone users have an easier way to block nuisance cold calls.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has joined forces with marketing call watchdogs the Telephone Preference Service.  Texting the letters ‘TPS’ plus your email address to 78070 will add your mobile number to the list of blocked numbers.  In theory this will stop firms in the UK bombarding people with calls about PPI refunds, accident claims, pension advice or solar panels.

The scheme is not fool proof, with Ofcom research suggesting that up to two in three calls may still get through.  This is because the scheme cannot stop companies based outside the UK from targeting Britons.  At the same time, rogue firms in this country may simply ignore the new controls.  The system will not stop junk or spam texts.  Firms calling people whose numbers are on the list should face action, including large fines, from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Source: Daily Mail, May 2016


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