The Volunteer Speed Matching event returns

It back! The Volunteer Speed Matching event is returning to The Volunteer Centre Welwyn Hatfield and we’re inviting YOU!

On Wednesday, 26th June, Breaks Manor Youth Centre will become a hub of fun pitching and community networking at the Volunteer Speed Matching event hosted by the Volunteer Centre Welwyn Hatfield and the Welwyn Hatfield CVS. Find out more…

More than 250 free walks in the Hertfordshire countryside

Would you like to explore the Hertfordshire countryside on foot but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for tried and tested routes with detailed directions, maps, photographs and satellite navigation to show you which way to go as you walk? Well the good news is that there are more than 250 free walks at the award-winning Hertfordshire Walker website which are all available to download and enjoy on any device. You don’t have to register or share any personal or bank details, you just download the free walks and you are all set. Hertfordshire Walker was set up by Dave and Ellie Brewer who have been publishing free walks in the Hertfordshire countryside for more than 25 years. Theirs is a hobby shared and not a business. They cover all the costs from their own pocket, and all advertising space is donated to promote Hertfordshire charities. The Trussell

Healthwatch Hertfordshire’s and the NHS: Survey Orthodontic Services

Healthwatch Hertfordshire are working with the NHS to improve orthodontic services. They want to hear from parents and carers whose child has had, or is currently having, orthodontic treatment.

They would appreciate if you could share the survey with your friends and family so they can help the NHS to ensure every child and young person receives the care and treatment they need. Find out more…

Hertfordshire Community Foundation Environmental Sustainability Survey

It is widely known the most vulnerable in our society will be disproportionally affected by climate change, which makes it even more important that VCSE organisations are resilient and able to continue providing their services in an uncertain future.  At Hertfordshire Community Foundation, we are planning a holistic programme of support to aid and empower local VCSE organisations improve their sustainability. Read More…

Women’s Health – Endometriosis Awareness

March is a strong month, a month that demands change. March has a focus on raising awareness for Women; advocating for better healthcare, equality; some of the consistent battles that women face and they should not have to. March is also a time where women can support one another more, unite together and celebrating achievements. We are raising awareness for Endometriosis, read more inside.

Is Marketing Smoke and Mirrors For Charities? 

Charities are often under scrutiny when it comes to how they use their funding. It’s important for us to be transparent about where the money is going and how it’s being used to benefit the community. Also, grants often come with strict guidelines on how the money should be spent. Read more…

Make a difference in Hertfordshire through volunteering

Individual gestures of kindness make a positive impact on the community around you, and what better way to express kindness than volunteering for a cause you believe in? Volunteering not only benefits organisations and those who receive the support, but volunteers can greatly benefit too through personal growth, community impact, and professional development by meeting new people, learning new skills, and gaining experience. Read more…