Caring Together: Recognising Fire Risks for Vulnerable People

Between January 2000 and March 2017 Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service attended 42 accidental dwelling fires which resulted in 45 accidental fire fatalities. Could these fatalities have been avoided?

Caring Together’ highlights potential fire risks, as well as covering other key issues such as the dangers of scam mailings and doorstep crime, faced by vulnerable people living in their own homes. As a means of safeguarding individuals from such risks, this course will show potential early warning signs and referral pathways to ensure interventions are put in place to reduce these risks.

The target audience for this course is anyone that comes into contact with  Vulnerable Adults in their own homes and may need further advice or support in relation to fire safety and scam mailings.

Full details of the course and booking information can be found on the attached flyer.  

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