Safe Giving Towards The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief Effort

The devastation caused by the multiple Turkey-Syria earthquakes has taken thousands of lives, demolished homes and villages and left many in turmoil. 

Emergency services are still relentlessly searching, hoping to find citizens clinging to life amidst the wreckage.  

As we search for ways to support the relief effort with aid, it can be hard to distinguish what sites and posts online are genuine. Find out more…

Warm Spaces In Welwyn Hatfield

Due to the rising cost of living, this winter will be a difficult one experienced by many and warm places are opening all over the UK

Visit one of Welwyn Hatfields Warm Spaces, a safe and welcoming environment for those experiencing difficulty with their energy bills. Find out more…

Stepping Stones Day Club

Stepping Stones – An adult day care centre for people 16+ with learning difficulties or a disability. A place to improve important life skills, make new friends and have fun. Find out more…