Copy Cat Websites

Blue Badge Scam For a years now, we’ve warned about copycat websites that charges an inflated price for carrying out a service, such as reviewing a passport or an EHIC form. But now there’s a new threat to keep an eye out for.  An investigation by the National Trading Standards eCrime team discovered  a fake Blue Badge parking permit website, tricking disabled drivers into paying for badges that then never arrived.   Printer helpline Fake ‘helpline’ numbers in online adverts lure in people searching for help to fixing their printers.  Their personal data is stolen after they grant the criminals remote access to their PC is then infected with malware.  The National Trading Standards eCrime team is warning of one group that even holds its victims  to ransom. It is unlike that this will be the last fake website we’ll see, despite the £15, 457 fine received by the perpetrator.