Dalkia UK in Welwyn Garden City excelled at their CSR challenge

Participating and succeeding in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenges not only showcase a commitment to making a positive impact on the community but also highlights the dedication of the company and its employees toward social and environmental responsibility.

A team from Dalika UK in Welwyn Garden City recently tidied an overgrown and cluttered front and back garden for a client who has been unable to manage the upkeep, due to ill health.

They worked extremely hard and we were amazed at what they accomplished in a day.

The weather was mostly on their side; a little shower in the afternoon didn’t hinder their progress. They continued to work as a team on both gardens simultaneously showing good coordination and teamwork.

Take a look at the video below; they went above and beyond and put in some strenuous work which the organisation and the client were extremely grateful for.

Thank you for completing the task to a high standard and exceeding our expectations.

If your company is interested in volunteering time on a community project as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), reaching out to the Volunteer Centre Welwyn Hatfield is the first step.

This kind of volunteering can a have positive effects both on the community and on the employees.

E: volunteercentre@whcvs.org.uk | T: 01707 274 861

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