We are looking for redundant IT equipment -computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

All donated items will be cleaned, refurbish with data the removed and the tech reconfigured/reconditioned. We will then arrange for items to be donated to individuals in our community who are digitally isolated.

We ask that items are:

  • In a re-useable condition (no broken parts)
  • Passwords remove, factory reset if possible and applications such as ‘Find my Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Computer’ Tile Mate and Air Tag features are disabled.
  • Provided with any cables, chargers and plug adaptors.

We welcome donations from members of the public, businesses and learning facilities who may be updating their equipment.

If you have any questions about donating equipment or would like more information, please contact the office on T: 01707 274 861 or alternately email: c.dillon@whcvs.org.uk