EASY EXERCISES Sessions with Peartree Wellbeing Project start this month

‘Easy Exercises’ sessions with Peartree Wellbeing Project start at The Hyde Community Café – Friday 22nd April (10.15 to 11 am). Over 5 sessions, you’ll learn exercises at your own pace to help improve your balance, core strength and flexibility.

Suitable for those aged 55+

£1 per session with refreshments

For more information and to register, email: peartreewellbeingproject@gmail.com

Numbers for participation are limited; please be sure that you can attend (ideally) all 5 sessions, but it is essential you are able to attend the first one on 22nd April.

  • You’ll learn exercises in a group at your own pace and level of flexibility.
  • All the six Easy Exercises are done in standing position, helping to improve balance, core strength and flexibility.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and non-slip footwear.

What it’s not:

  • It’s not a programme, e.g. like ‘cardio’ or ‘aerobics’, where everyone follows the instructor at the same speed and intensity of the activity. It’s always at your own pace.
  • If you are already involved with a sport or regular ‘keep fit’ type activity, our Easy Exercises are not pitched at that level and probably not suitable for you to gain any benefit.

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