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Featured Featured Event Series Equality & Diversity in Recruitment

Equality & Diversity in Recruitment

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This course provides a step-by-step process to delivering fair and safe recruitment. The course will engage participants in exercises to enable them to explore unconscious bias, and how this could negatively impact the recruitment process.

Participants attending the course will also benefit from receiving some practical tools which will help them to plan and prepare for recruitment to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Featured Featured Event Series Assertiveness and Communication Styles

Assertiveness and Communication Styles

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Assertiveness is a learned behaviour and thinking style encompassing the ability to express yourself in an open, honest and direct way. Being assertive means recognising your rights whilst respecting the rights of others. Contrary to belief, assertiveness is not a fixed state and it can be learned by anyone.

This workshop aims to support attendees to learn about the different types of communication styles and how to become more assertive in all walks of life.

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