Financial Security

Voluntary Action Leeds advises  groups to beware of emails asking for banking details even from people you know.

VAL has become aware of several instances where fraudsters have attempted to obtain bank details by impersonating senior officers within charities.

An example of the scam has been where a Finance Officer received an email from the Chief Officer saying there is an urgent payment needing to be made and asking for the details that need to be given to speed up the payment process. It’s also worth noting that in some cases the fraudsters attempt to build your confidence that the email is genuine by asking for process details surrounding bank payments with the aim of moving onto banking details in subsequent emails.

The emails look to be genuine but in most cases they are not.

It is safer if you receive an email of this type not to reply to it. Speak to the person who has allegedly sent you the email to check whether it is genuine or not.

Of course in some instances information has to be shared by email but always make sure you are answering a genuine email before responding. Better to be safe than sorry!

 Source: Voluntary Action Leeds website

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