Fraudsters Calling About Your Immigration Status

Fraudsters Calling About Your Immigration Status

Fraudsters purporting to be from the Home Office have been calling people and claiming there is a problem with their immigration status.

Victims are told that to rectify this issue, they must pay a fee.  They may also be asked to confirm personal details such as their passport number or date of arrival in the UK.  In some cases, a genuine Home Office telephone number was displayed as the Caller ID on their phone.  The fraudster had used technology to display the Home Office telephone number although the call had not actually originated from the Home Office.

Many victims targeted by this fraud have had an association to India. The callers often say the victim has outstanding criminal charges against them in India, or their documents were not completed satisfactorily upon their arrival into the UK. Victims are given three options: face deportation; face imprisonment; or pay a fee.  The fraudster may attempt to keep the victim on the phone until the payment is received, which can be hours at a time.

Protect yourself, your relatives and neighbours by sharing this advice:

  • The Home Office, Police or any UK Law Enforcement Agency will never ask for money over the phone.
  • Government agencies do not use non-secure payment methods such as Money Service Bureaux, iTunes vouchers or cryptocurrency eg. Bitcoin.
  • When receiving unexpected calls, be wary of providing personal information, or confirming information the caller already claims to hold.
  • Ask for the details of the organisation the caller represents.  Check they are genuine by calling the organisation yourself using their officially published number, rather than a number the caller has provided.
  • If you have concerns about your immigration status, please visit this government website to speak with someone about your specific issue:


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