Hertfordshire Community Foundation launch their Building Effectiveness Programme

Building Effectiveness is a bespoke, 12-month, organisational development programme for the Hertfordshire voluntary sector, ideally suited to organisations looking to become more strategically focussed and better equipped to face the future.

Participating organisations will be supported throughout by our Effectiveness Coaches Vivianne Childs and Moreen Pascal, both independent consultants and HCF trainers with direct experience working in and for Hertfordshire organisations.

They are looking for a group of 10x diverse organisations to take part from across the county, who will receive over £2,000 worth of fully funded professional coaching, resources and training for their senior leaders and boards, alongside 9 month’s of 1:1 mentoring from a leading professional from the Hertfordshire business sector.

For more information on criteria and how to apply by visiting: HCF Building Effectiveness

Application deadline: Monday 21 February 2022
Send your completed application to louise.marron@hertscf.org.uk

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