How we will work with members and clients:

  1. We will acknowledge your initial inquiry within 1 working day.* We will offer an appointment within 10 working days of acknowledgement, unless we agree an alternative date with you.
  2. The person delivering the service/advice you are paying for will have appropriate knowledge and experience of this kind of work.
  3. We will be clear about any fees and charges.
  4. A written quotation will be given on request which will estimate resources needed and the cost to you, and will provide any relevant terms and conditions for your agreement. It will specify the outputs you expect and the inputs we will require from you to achieve this. It will also include the proposed timetable and payment schedule for any work.
  5. Where a quote is provided, we will require your written agreement before we commence work.
  6. We will signpost you to any complimentary services available, and if applicable offer a price or quote and agreement as in 4-5 above for any additional work.
  7. We will issue an invoice in line with the agreed payment schedule.
  8. We will ask you to provide feedback on our services. We will use this to develop our future services.
  9. If you have a complaint about quality of work, process or timeliness, please try to resolve it with the person who is delivering your service or advice. If you cannot do so, please follow our complaints procedure. This is either on our website or available on request.

*please note that some members are not open every working day

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