Trading Standards are aware of a recent increase of scammers making cold calls to Hertfordshire residents

The callers are claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or similar sounding companies and attempting to extract money for registration or for call blocking devices. A UK company director was recently imprisoned for ripping off consumers in a similar callblocker scam: This is a sad and cynical scam that targets people who are actively trying to protect themselves or vulnerable relatives. Please remember that the TPS never cold calls and its service is always free. To register with TPS call 0345 070 0707 or . Another current scam which is conning residents over the phone, is the sale of extended warranties for electronic devices such as televisions and washing machines. Recent complaints tell of salesmen who say that because the resident hasn’t made a claim in the last 12 months, that the price will be reduced from the usual price of £75 to £40. The salesman says that

Launch of New Standard for Lone Workers

Job roles right across the board involve lone working – from micro businesses, such as window cleaners, to large multi-nationals in the insurance and financial sectors. So seeking the best way to protect their lone workers from harm is a common dilemma for employers. Research has shown that whatever the size, location or nature of the organisation, there are many simple, practical and cost effective measures which employers can use to help protect, and manage the safety of, lone workers. While this is most commonly protecting them from the risk of violence from others, it also includes the specific difficulties that working in isolation can cause. And effective measures do not have to be expensive. The most effective solutions usually arise from the way the business is run; such as good communications between staff, effective monitoring, staff training, job design and changes to the physical environment. High technology and high

Hertfordshire Compact

Over the past 17 months a steering group of statutory and voluntary sector representatives have been working together to refresh the Hertfordshire Compact. Following a successful and fruitful consultation and official adoption by Hertfordshire County Council we are celebrating the launch of this important document at an afternoon tea event on 20 July. Invited organisations will have the opportunity to publicly ‘sign up’ to the Compact, hear about Compact ways of working and enjoy networking opportunities. • The Hertfordshire Compact is a written understanding between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors about how we will co-operate and continue to develop positive working relationships for the benefit of Hertfordshire’s communities. • The purpose of the Compact is to build on existing partnerships, develop a range of shared principles and undertakings and develop the relationship between the voluntary and community sector and statutory sectors through mutual respect and trust. •