Questions for VSOs

Can you be contacted by local residents needing help?

Can you make use of additional volunteers?

As the impact of COVID-19 increases, we are aware that many local residents could need additional support and assistance over the coming months – whether they are unwell and can’t leave their home, or whether they have been advised to self-isolate.

In such cases – it is likely that a number of residents may not have nearby family, neighbours or friends available to help.  These individuals may therefore be looking for some volunteer help.

At the same time, we are aware that increasing numbers of local residents are keen to help out in their community.

Can we signpost people to your organisation?

We would like to put some information together for both people needing help, and people wanting to help.

Could you please complete the attached information for your organisation and return it to us as soon as possible?   We will continually update and distribute as the situation develops. 

Working together

It will be really important to work together.  If you are contacted by a resident needing help, but don’t have a suitable volunteer available – you need to signpost them to another organisation who might be able to help.   If you have a volunteer available, but don’t have a job for them to do – signpost them to others that might be able to use them.

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