Do you know parents who are in conflict?

But we can make a difference. Where parents are supported to improve their relationship, they are often able to make positive changes that benefit their children. This is regardless of whether the parents are together or separated.

Children can be negatively affected where conflict between their parents is frequent, intense and poorly resolved. Evidence shows that parental conflict can have a negative impact mental health, problems at school, sleep difficulties and poorer health, and 37% of cases being supported by children and family services in Hertfordshire are estimated to involve parental conflict. See some key statistics about parental conflict in Hertfordshire here.

You can help parents by:

Talking to them about their relationships. Make sure they are aware that conflict can impact on their children and that there is help available. There is a toolkit and training to help you with these conversations at:

  • Referring them to specialist support if they need it. Any professional or volunteer working with a family in Hertfordshire can refer parents to the Parenting Together

programme. This provides free evidence-based parental conflict support to parents, whether they are together or separated. To find out more, go to:

Relationships Matter in Hertfordshire.

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