Every day more and more item that could otherwise be reused enter landfill or are discarded on our streets. This all contributes the the UK’s Global Footprint. Dispose of your unwanted items responsibly by having a look at some of the facilities listed who can help you find find local sites.

UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a residence basis increased by 6% between 2020 and 2021, to over 505 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)

Office for National Statistics
Recycle Your Electricals is a UK-wide campaign motivating and making it easier for everyone to reuse and recycle unwanted electricals, ensuring we make the most of the valuable materials in them.
The campaign is led by Material Focus, an independent not-for-profit organisation.
Each year, an estimated 50 million litres of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK goes to waste. This figure becomes more significant when you consider that it could be reused and repurposed through the Community RePaint network to support individuals and families in need as well as a variety of community groups. Locate your nearest centre today.
WasteAware is the partnership of county, district and borough councils working together to reduce, reuse and recycle Hertfordshire’s waste. Here you will find and A-Z of, what items can be reused and a directory of recycling centres
Welwyn Parish Council is supporting Fixed By Dave as a drop off and collections point for faulty small appliances.
Instead of throwing away your small household or allotment electrical appliances, have a chat with Dave to see if he can repair it for you!
Visit www.fixedbydave.co.uk to find out more or to book your appliance in.