Staying Connected is a county wide Digital Inclusion project developed by a partnership of eight Hertfordshire based voluntary sector infrastructure organisations – Community Help Hertfordshire.

In the Welwyn Hatfield borough, the project provides assistance to residents who may be struggling with using new technology and who may feel isolated from society as a result.

It aims to:

  • help people build confidence
  • for them to stay connected online
  • give them access to used digital devices like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • for them to become familiar with how these operate

Some of our clients have never learnt how to use or been given access to today’s technology but they wish to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them.

They may feel hesitant going online and may find themselves avoiding online grocery shopping, booking medical appointments, miss out on social activities like quizzes, but also communicating with family/friends via video calling systems like Zoom/ Skype

Some of our clients simply just need a hand with making sense of the technical jargon associated with setting up their device so they can use it. Ability is varied and we have no expectations on their capability.