A new web-based service launched this week which offers a range of opportunities for individuals to volunteer in a project of high and demonstrable s ocial value.  It is predominantly web-based, so volunteering can be done from home, offering engagement and participation opportunities for virtually anyone. 

The entry level volunteering opportunity is as a juror in a CLCHR jury, however opportunities are available for more involved participation should individuals require a more varied and challenging role.

We are also actively seeking productive partnerships with existing volunteer support agencies and organisations, and would be delighted to discuss how partner organisations can run real life Common Law Courts of Human Rights with our support and facilitation, as well as any other possibilities for partnership working.

Individuals can register as volunteer jurors via the site, whilst organisations can make contact via the site or by responding to this email with VOLUNTEER ORG CONTACT as the subject.

In the meantime, please visit our website to find out more, or follow us on Twitter to monitor our progress.

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