The Welwyn Garden City Ukraine Support Group is Raising £1000 by Walking for Ukraine

The Welwyn Garden City Ukraine Support Group is organising trips to different cities in the UK as a part of cultural education, integration into the UK and to create happy memories.

Travelling around helps kids and women to learn more about cultural traditions in the UK; it’s also important for mental health wellbeing.

Their target is to walk the same distance as the width of Ukraine from West to East, which is 1316 km. 

The goal of this challenge is to raise enough money to organise a trip to the Arundel Wetland Center this coming autumn.

Take a look at their page and support them on their challenge by donating what you can.

In just 2 weeks the team of walking volunteers in the Uk and in the Ukraine have covered 1,091.61 km.

Over in Ukraine they started from Uzghorod in Western Ukraine walking to East. The cities they have walked through are Chernivtsi, Uman, Cherkasy.

Here in the UK they have walked through London, Hertfordshire and the District Lake.

Check out their amazing photos below.

Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 202410
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20245
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20241
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20244
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20249
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20242
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20248
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 202411
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 202412
Ukraine Walk Fundraiser 20247

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